Our Bespoke Approach

We design & develop unique bespoke approach

Do you use strategic tool to maximise your commercial success?

  • Do you prefer to change your processes to fit off-the-shelf software (and become the same as everyone else) or would you prefer to have software that fits your business processes that gives you the competitive edge?
  • If the latter, then you have come to the right place. Silver Touch takes a Bespoke Approach in designing, developing and delivering its solutions tailor-made to fit your specific business requirements.

Our Bespoke Approach enables you to be better than your competitors in the market by delivering software that supports your ideas that make you unique.

Silver Touch makes the effort to gain a detailed understanding of your business, its processes, challenges you face and your requirements, based on this we provide inputs and ideas to design the most suitable solution for you. After carrying out proper analysis, we think ahead. We carefully plan and strategise, creating a functional specification document containing details of all aspects of your software. We start with the development only after getting your approval of the specifications. We can prototype the solution so you can see it and modify it to meet your changing needs, and involve you in every step of the development process. We deliver this tailor-made solution and provide all the post deployment support you need. You will be kept updated with the progress of the project at every stage through our seamless communication, enabling us to deliver the comprehensive solution to your needs.

Our Bespoke Software Process

Our Bespoke Software Process

Project Management Methods

The Silver Touch effort starts well before the programming begins. We match your project with the right project management methodology to ensure its successful delivery. The selection of the methodology depends on various factors like project size and complexity, time to market, your requirements, customer’s readiness to cost and scope changes and more. Each of these techniques come with specific characteristics. Below listed are the methodologies used by us:

Waterfall Methodology

We propose this method to clients for the projects which are large with a well defined scope and fixed cost. Detailed planning is done at the beginning of the project, all steps are laid out and all the dependencies are mapped. The project is divided into different stages and we move to the next stage only after comprehensively finishing the previous stage with the agreement of you, the customer.

Agile Methodology

We suggest Agile Methodology generally for medium and complex projects where there is a flexibility to change the scope or design, thus increasing or decreasing the cost as well. This is a fast and flexible approach to project management where, instead of extensive planning and designing to a set of requirements that are fixed in stone, the project enables the requirements change with the changing business. It is highly transparent where continuous improvements can be made based on stakeholders’ feedback.

Prototype Methodology

We suggest this methodology generally for small, web and mobile projects where all project requirements are not known or defined in advance. It is a trial & error process where prototype is built, tested and reworked until a final and acceptable prototype is prepared. This model involves the involvement of the stakeholders where they not only get a better understanding of the project, they can influence what they get. This improves their buy-in and leads to better solutions.

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