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Embrace the ERP Transformation in Manufacturing Industry

May 14, 2019

ERP Transformation in Manufacturing Industry

The small and medium-size business founders usually face a lot of challenges. Operating a business without the required resources or staff will usually affect the productivity of the organisation at times. The deployment of ERP systems has changed the way people operate businesses. The efficiency of ERP systems has helped it to grow beyond one industry, and now the ERP systems are incorporated in various industries present out there. One such industry where the ERP systems are playing an important role these days is the manufacturing industry.

Evolved from the traditional and straightforward MRP (Material Requirement Planning), the ERP has made a lot of difference in the industry. It is helping in improving the company’s bottom line by creating maximum efficiency across various businesses around the world.

ERP software has completely changed the way manufacturing industry operates by having control over all the departments and processes. Every order that came in will be scheduled and processed according to it. The ERP software includes all the functions including traditional MRP ones too. This includes accounting aspects as well as monitoring employee performance.

SAP Business One is business management software (ERP) developed for SME’s. The SAP business one for manufacturing assists in bringing all the manufacturing operations under one agile and responsive system.

Here is how ERP and SAP Business One can make a further impact on the manufacturing industry.

  1. Automation
  2. The automation has increased productivity in the manufacturing industry. The growing use of machines and the Internet of Things (IoT) and various other digital technology innovations are used for streamlining the operations. The ERP software or specifically an SAP Business One for manufacturing will help with this automation because it optimizes the activities and business processes that were done manually. It saves a lot of time and efforts.

    All the information related to the manufacturing process like designing, developing, procurement, inventory, production, finance, delivery, sales and more are saved in a centralised location and will be visible to the entire organisation. Any single person can look up at the progress in manufacturing without need of other person or team. For example, the designing team can check the manufacturing process and if required update the finance and purchasing department about the requirement of more raw material. This way the entire operations of an organisation become easy and efficient.

  3. Services and Support
  4. As technology is incorporated into human being’s regular life it has become important to provide support for that technology. The giant companies like IBM sell services related to their products more in compared to the standalone products sell. The services and support is the most important department of any organisation as they will help in keeping it running. ERP plays a key role in providing services. The ERP for manufacturing will help in keeping a check on all the products that they have manufactured, and if any service is required, it ensures that the respective service is provided. The ERP systems help in analysing and improvising the ERP systems. They help in automation, mobilising and modernising the reporting, facilities, and processes.

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  5. Outsourcing
  6. The manufacturers always focus on the ways to improve their operational efficiency. They try to implement all the ways that they can in order to improve their efficiency. One thing that almost all the manufacturers do is outsourcing some of the less important tasks to other firms.

    These tasks include payroll services, maintenance, benefits management, etc. By outsourcing such tasks, the manufacturers will be able to concentrate and use all of their resources on manufacturing process only. Outsourcing tasks may sound easy but providing all the required data for this outsourcing process is indeed cumbersome. The ERP systems have a solution for this outsourcing issue. All the data regarding the organisation will be stored in cloud ERP system and the outsourcing firm can be provided with access to the data that they require. This way the entire outsourcing process will become simple and easy.

  7. Worldwide Manufacturing
  8. The improved technology has made supply chain management free from any kind of limitations due to geography. The manufacturers can now send their products to various countries without any hassle. Moving the information from, products and data from one location to another have become cheaper, more comfortable and faster. Cloud ERP is providing significant benefits for the companies because it syncs the data easily. The companies can happily deploy their organisation in various locations with ease. The data will be stored in the cloud and can be operated whenever and wherever they want.

  9. Reduce Costs
  10. A robust ERP system like SAP Business One for manufacturing will cut down the overall operational costs of an organisation. Automated and streamlined processes replace the manual and time-consuming processes with real-time business information. As worker productivity increases, the labor expenses will decrease. This way the ERP solution is making a lot of difference in the organisations.

  11. Improvise Customer Satisfaction
  12. Accurate production planning, streamlined process scheduling, enhanced control over inventory and coordination of the distribution channels enable the manufacturers to improve their on-time delivery of products. This is a critical performance metric and is essential for users. Delivering products on time is a crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining customer satisfaction. ERP solutions for the manufacturing organisations offer the data in real time which helps in effective decision making.

Key Takeaways

So, there are plenty of benefits from ERP systems and SAP Business One Solution for Manufacturing Industry. The manufacturing companies should deploy it to leverage the added advantages. Incorporating any ERP software that you find isn’t going to make any difference. It is vital to use reliable software which gives you maximum paybacks now as well as in the coming time.

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