Database Driven Web App Development

Database Driven Web Application

Use the Global database services to manage database platform

Do you have multi-user data driven web application?

  • Do you own a business requiring constant update of data in your website?
  • Do you want to make your site interactive for your visitors?
  • If yes, then we can help you in building cost-effective database driven web applications helping you update, store, retrieve and sort vast amount of data easily and quickly.

Silver Touch has an expertise in delivering sophisticated database driven web applications built on best-of-breed database technologies like MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Lite. With years of experience in developing database-driven web applications, our dynamic sites can easily be integrated, are highly customisable, easy to search, are interactive for your visitors and can easily be controlled, making it feasible to show your business as up to the minute. We will handle all the technical requirements of your database-driven website, (including web programming which is essential in a site to interact with database and database integration) allowing your clients to search, add, and update information in a secure manner.

Our dynamic websites will enhance user experience with advanced search functionality and by allowing your visitors to interact with you. Our database driven website services will not only provide you better control and improved flexibility over your site, but also make them SEO friendly. Along with giving extensibility and ease of maintenance, our sites also have enhanced search capabilities, helping your visitors to filter content. Dynamic pages are used in our sites that pull information from databases, helping you retrieve real time information. New pages will be added automatically when new records are created in database. You will be able to save the expensive time required to maintain your static website. The new dynamic site will require no knowledge of HTML or web design to update it. Thus the speed and simplicity of your cost-effective database-driven sites will improve customer satisfaction and help you retain them for long term.

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