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Which E-Commerce platform is right for you?

  • Do you want to seamlessly integrate your E-Commerce platform with back-end ERP, CRM or POS systems to enhance profitability?
  • Are you looking for comprehensive E-Commerce integration services that can help you to build and grow your online business?
  • Are you in search of a professional company that can help you to effectively synchronise your E-Commerce site with your current systems without any hassle?

If yes, then your search ends here. Get end-to-end E-Commerce integration services from Silver Touch.

To achieve success in E-Commerce business, it is necessary to manage back-end operations of your online store efficiently. This makes it essential to integrate your E-Commerce store to your business systems. Our E-Commerce integration with SAP, CRM, Oracle, ERP, POS and others helps enterprises to manage inventory, sales, logistics, accounting, supply chain, order fulfilment, customers’ details, post-transaction support and more. Our E-Commerce integration services help disparate systems to connect seamlessly and enable real-time and comprehensive flow of information to and fro. With extensive experience in E-Commerce integration, our team will make this complex process involving systems, applications and databases, easier and smooth. We will help you to integrate various payment gateways to your E-Commerce sites. We also provide customised integration services like the integration of logistics, inventory, warehouse, accounting and any specific functionality tailored to your enterprise needs. We can help you integrate IVR (Interactive Voice Response) APIs to your E-Commerce store. We also make migration of data from one E-Commerce platform to another easier and smoother.

Our E-Commerce integration services will add value to your customer’s experience by providing real-time information to them without compromising security. This real-time exchange of data will help you to track visitors, provide them personalised services and sync business processes. Your clients will be able to make payments easily with your online stores and we will be able to provide seamless support to them 24/7. Your manual processes will be automated and duplicated efforts eliminated, increasing the operational efficiency of your E-Commerce business. We will provide scalability to your online stores and support for future add-ons. Integrating key business applications with your online store will streamline your business processes and decrease costs, giving you an edge over your competitors. This integration will help you to increase time-to-market of your new products and changes to the existing specifications will be reflected immediately. There will be an increase in your sales and ROI, reduction in data errors and improvement in online revenue stream.

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