Saas Based Remote Inventory Mgmt. System

Client: UK Based Client Client Vertical : Service Project Type: Custom Web & PDA Application Technology Used: ASP.NET ASP.NET CE SQL CE

Client Overview

About Client:

Client is a California based Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) provider for remote stock room inventory management solutions. Client was founded in 1994, has hundreds of satisfied customers in industries where it is critical to have good remote inventory management at the last step of the supply chain: the point-of-use (POU). Client provides organizations with real-time visibility into remote storeroom inventories and then automates replenishment. Whether the inventory is consigned or customer owned, client manages inventory at the point-of-use to increase sales and service levels, optimize inventory and eliminate stockouts. While items at the POU may be inexpensive or commodity products, the cost of a production line shutting down from a stock out or an inoperable machine is prohibitive. Client’s service productively and cost effectively optimizes inventory while maximizing service levels at the remote stockroom, store, or service van.

No matter what their client’s approach is to inventory ownership, inventory location or inventory replenishment, they can accommodate their Client’s method and automate the process of tracking and replenishing their client’s inventory at the POU. Industries that can benefit most from their service include: manufacturers; suppliers and wholesale distributors (electrical, electronic, fasteners, wire, industrial, MRO/spare parts, etc); food service; and fleet maintenance.

Requirement Overview:

Client required a Web Based Application running on a Windows Server in place of their current Client-Server Based Desktop Application. They also wanted a Windows Mobile Application with scanning and high performance features to capture transactions at the Point-of-Use. With this new Web and PDA based application, the client had also planned many new features and functionality which were not available or not feasible in their current application. Below is the list of major features & functionality required by the client:

  • Facility to manage inventor y of multiple enterprises with the help of enterprise level administrator
  • Total control with Super Administrator who can manage each and every function across all enterprises,companies, and stockrooms.
  • Enterprise can create multiple companies under them
  • Enterprise level users can only see infor mation for their enterprise
  • Visibility of inventories across multiple Enterprises and Companies
  • Role based access for different level of users
  • Log to be maintained for all transactions for Audit Trail purpose
  • Off line storage for PDA device when network connectivity is not available and sync with the database when connectivity is resumed
  • Sensor based automated stock taking process

Proposed Solution:

  • Considering client’ s requirement Silver Touch proposed and developed stock room management inventor y system in ASP.NET (W eb Application) and Windows 6/6.5 (PDA (POU) Application) with Agile Methodology.
  • Web Application was developed with MVC 4 which has many advantages that helps to develop great applications.
  • As client was planning to sell this product to their end client s giving them facilities to manage their individual inventory, we have developed SaaS based application
  • PDA devices were suggested by the client who was having scann ing facility which was used to develop barcode scanning functionality for quick and easy stock management.
  • Unique offline functionalities were developed for PDA so user can use PDA Application where inter net connectivity is not available, so data can be stored locally on the device and whenever internet connectivity is available these data can be synchronized with the central database.
  • 3rd P arty Control (jQuer y Data Tables) and 3rd P arty equipment (Sensors) were implemented and integrated with t his application for fast and accurate data management

Application Flow

Application Flow

Application Architecture

Application Architecture

Technical Flow

Technical Flow

Project Description



Project Approach / Activities



Key Challenges

Results Achieved

Screen Shots


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