Cloud Apps Development

Cloud App Development

Integrate with cloud-based application to grow your business

Do you want to develop cloud based automated solutions?

  • Are you thinking of moving to Cloud to improve efficiencies and save your IT costs?
  • Do you want to get rid of your legacy complexities and mitigate the risk of data loss?
  • If you are looking for a Bespoke Cloud Application Development company to help you gain agility in your business processes, your search ends here. Take advantage of the comprehensive Cloud Services from Silver Touch.

With extensive knowledge and expertise in Cloud Application Development, Silver Touch develops and delivers bespoke cloud applications across the globe. The knowledge and skills of our developers have been honed by their experience in delivering tailored Cloud Applications successfully for a wide range of businesses. We are with you throughout the development process and tailor our cloud application development to your needs, rather than one-size-fits-all. Our Bespoke Cloud Application Development Services include Cloud Based Application Development, Azure Cloud Development services, Amazon EC2 Development, Migrating to Cloud including Conversion of Web to Cloud, Cloud Architecture Consulting Services, Mobile Apps Back-End Implementation, SaaS based Bespoke Software Applications and CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services in the Cloud.

We have expertise in migration of existing applications to Amazon and Microsoft Azure Cloud platforms. We also work with standard Cloud Applications like Office 365 and Google Enterprise Cloud Applications. These Cloud platforms offer benefits like pay as you use options, elasticity to grow with users, faster time to market, new business start-up benefit, reduced price, easy scaling up & scaling down, increased speed & agility, easy & quick deployment of application and high quality end user experience, to list but a few.

Realise the benefits of Cloud with Silver Touch’s expert services.

  • Our Bespoke Cloud Application Development Services will help you reduce cost, enhance performance and increase efficiency, ensuring leaner business processes and infrastructure.
  • Our Cloud Applications have secure and scalable architecture, making it possible to work from anywhere whilst tracking your projects in real time.
  • They will help your business to get up-to-date information in sales, accounting and customer service departments, smoothing information flows and helping you serve your customers more efficiently.
  • Our development team has a wealth of experience in integrating Office 365, Google Cloud and other ready to use cloud components, helping your application integrate seamlessly.
  • We are proficient in Enterprise Application Development on the Cloud helping enterprises to promptly respond to their customers, achieve a competitive edge and deliver business value.
  • We provide post-deployment maintenance and support through various communication channels ensuring our availability to you 24/7.
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