Digital Transformation is the most talked about topic in businesses today. The main aim of Digital Transformation is to
improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and improve staff wellbeing while delivering a measurable return on investment.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a radical change in work culture, business models and operations brought in by digitally-driven systems and applications to improve customer experience. It is about finding unique and innovative ways to add value, generate revenue and enhance productivity through an inclusive use of IT.

Why Digital Transformation?

Technology today is being leveraged into mainstream business. As technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Process Automation and Digital Workforce become more available and the costs of these technologies reduce, more and more companies have the opportunity to take advantage of these dynamic new offerings.

Digital Transformation Quick Facts

Digital Transformation Quick Facts

Digitally enhanced omnichannel experiences


of global business leaders list digital transformation as a top priority for their business (Forrester)


of small and midsize retailers believe that digital transformation is important or critically important to the survival of their company (Oxford Economics)


of CIOs have most often given the task for implementing digital transformation (Altimeter Group)


of retailers consider digital transformation as a core business goal (Oxford Economics)

Is Digital Transformation Necessary for All Companies?

In this digitally-driven age, emerging technologies have paved the way to improve customer experience to keep the enterprises more competitive and stronger to withstand ever-increasing challenges. Digital transformation promotes process innovation and assists you to reinvent your business.

Silver Touch Technologies UK provides a definitive strategy for a successful digital transformation of your company. With decades of experience in planning and creating applications across different industry sectors to meet diverse business needs, we are in a position to bridge the gap between the customer’s expectations and actual delivery.

Top Contributors to a Successful Digital transformation

Businesses are at different points in their transformations journey. Find our where your business falls on the Index.

  • 09% Collaboration
  • 29% Vision and Strategy
  • 10% Employees
  • 24% Business leaders
  • 20% Talent and capabilities
  • 14% Budgets
  • 29% Top-level executives
  • 56% Technology

Source : Forbes Insights Survey

What we offer

Transform your digital dreams into reality

To accelerate Digital Transformation for your business, we offer digital consulting services that help organisations engineer next-generation products and services focused on the digital age and adapt to changing business landscape and scale at speed.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    As a Global SAP Business Partner, we build robust and customisable ERP solutions to enable your company to make the most of available resources by increasing efficiency.

  • Software Solution

    Software Solution

    Our tailored software solutions are designed to empower your organisation to take advantage of advanced features of cutting edge technologies like AI, ML, and the Internet of Things.

  • RPA/Digital Workforce

    RPA/Digital Workforce

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that can take your business to the next level. We provide the best-in-class digital workforce to manage repetitive tasks and bring automation to your workplace.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    Bespoke Solutions

    At Silver Touch, we believe that every business needs bespoke IT solutions to streamline key processes digitally, and our experienced professionals can come up with high-end solutions. If you have a potential pain point in your business, a conversation with us could lead to a viable solution.

  • Offshore Development Centre

    Offshore Development Centre

    If you have a large development project, but don’t want to face the headaches of recruitment and staff retention in the UK, then this is an option that could work for you. As part of Silver Touch PLC, we have the unique opportunity to offer our Offshore Development Centre options to our clients.

  • Digital Transformation Services

    Digital Transformation Services

    Do not take the risk of being left behind. Digital Transformation is a way of ensuring that your clients get the levels of satisfaction that they demand by leveraging the latest technologies to ensure efficiency.

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