High-Tech Industry Solutions for Enhanced Customer Experiences

High-tech enterprises have to focus more on making high-quality products that provide improved customer experiences. SAP High-Tech industry solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing business system to meet this objective effectively.

Innovation in Product Portfolio

By making value-driven investment decisions, high-tech industries can develop innovative products & offer advanced services

  • Product Development and Regulatory Compliance
  • Project Management and Product Portfolio
  • Design and Project Networks
  • Strategic Sourcing
Flexibility in Manufacturing

SAP High-tech industry solutions can increase flexibility in the manufacturing sector and enhance fulfillment operations globally

  • Manufacturing Processes (Industry 4.0)
  • Asset Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Execution (Industry 4.0)
Agility in Supply Chain

Customized high-tech industry solutions can make the supply chain more agile to meet the expectations of demanding customers

  • Sales, Inventory, and Process Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Demand Management and Insights
  • Response and Planning for Supply
Automation in Sales

High-tech companies can easily meet the ever-changing demands of highly connected consumers with improved sales performance.

  • Personalized Commerce
  • Subscription Management
  • Omnichannel Sales and Commerce
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Quote to Cash
  • Sales and Channel Automation
Personalization in Marketing

High-tech industries can gain the customer’s trust by delivering personalized experiences and grow the bottom line in line with relationships.

  • Marketing Optimization
  • Consent-based Marketing
  • Single View for Customers
Excellence in Customer Service

Higher profits and a loyal customer base can be gained by meeting the expectations of various customers effectively and efficiently

  • Monetization Services
  • Omnichannel Customer Support
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Professional Services Engagement
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Field Service Management

Silver Touch Technologies: Facts

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SAP High-Tech Industry Solutions for
Specific Business Needs

Customized SAP High-tech Industry solutions can assist your industry to meet challenges and bring innovations through automation in key processes. Our tailored SAP solutions are developed for

Enabling Intelligent Enterprise

Transforming Core Processes

Creating a Winning Strategy with Industry 4.0

Offering Benefits of Cloud and Other Advanced Concepts with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Vision 2025: End-to-End Process for High-Tech

Strategic Priorities for High-Tech Sector

As per Industry Vision 2025, platforms and subscription-based services will take center stage in high-tech industries to monetize their intellectual property. Four strategic priorities are identified to achieve success in line with this Vision 2025 for the high-tech industry.



We will witness a shift in the strategy from selling products and services to measurable outcomes that are relevant to customers of high-tech industries.

Supply Network

Supply Network

One size does not fit all in a highly competitive business scenario in the high-tech sector, therefore, there is a need for an intelligent supply network.

Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy

High-tech companies need to implement multiple business models to achieve customer intimacy in this digital economy with the help of advanced solutions

Our Value Proposition

At Silver Touch Technologies, we understand the ever-changing needs of a thriving high-tech industry. With customized SAP S/4HANA and other SAP-powered solutions, we assist high-tech companies to follow industry best practices while achieving operational excellence.

  • Strategy

    We assist high-tech companies to accelerate the creation of innovative business models, explore new markets and opportunities for M&As (Mergers & Acquisitions). High-tech companies can leverage the benefits of better risk management and compliance.

  • Employee

    Feature-rich, bespoke SAP-powered solutions can offer an excellent user experience across all devices, and contribute to increasing the productivity of your employees. Our solutions are designed for offering role-driven, user-centric processes for empowering your employees

  • Benefits
    for Business

    Over 20% increase in on-time delivery, more than 15% increase in customer satisfaction, and around 25% reduction in inventory levels, our customized SAP solutions for high-tech industry benefit your business in many ways. You can also reduce the order-fulfillment lead time

  • Reduced Total
    Cost of Ownership

    With the reduction in data footprint and elimination of many desktop clients, our solutions can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) significantly. You can get native integration in the simplified landscapes in our customized SAP High-tech industry solution.

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