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Integration and Automation

Our custom solution can fit seamlessly into any process

Are you looking for cost-effective automation solutions?

  • Do you want to integrate your existing application with the cloud?
  • Do you wish to integrate web-based features to your desktop application to accomplish the needs of your enterprise?
  • If you are looking for integration with third party APIs to automate, modernise and coordinate your enterprise’ operations, then your search ends here.

Silver Touch’s integration services will help you build an IT architecture that will enable end-to-end automation of your business processes. Our expertise in developing integration strategies and delivering robust and scalable integration services will combine different systems and applications smoothly whilst allowing you to leverage the benefits of the latest technology.

These are our proven capabilities to integrate third party APIs with your existing system.

  • Standard Social Media Application: This would include integration with social platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter.
  • Third Party APIs/Web Services: IIncludes any third party services that extend the capacity of your system like Magento, PayPal Integration, Payment Gateway Integration and more, including hardware like Scanners and Cameras.
  • Cloud API: We will also help you to integrate your application with the cloud using Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Why Silver Touch?

  • We provide comprehensive integration services that will seamlessly connect your existing system with third party APIs, automating your expensive manual or semi-manual processes and operations.
  • We make sure that our integration services are flexible, scalable and can match the technology needs of your company.
  • Our integration and automation services will help you reduce infrastructure costs by integration with the Cloud and to ensure that your existing system communicates effectively with the integrated third party applications.
  • You’ll be able to reduce your operational costs, improve interoperability and make your business agile.
  • Our integration and automation process will also increase standardisation and make interaction across various business processes not only possible but seamless.
  • We will be able to synchronise your business processes with technology, giving you a competitive edge and making you more adaptable to future changes.
  • You will be able to streamline your processes, create a leaner enterprise and enhance ROI and business value.
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