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Are you looking for cutting-edge mobile app?

  • Are you waiting for a mobile device driven transformations in your business?
  • Do you wish to monetise your business ideas by developing a mobile application and putting it on App Stores?
  • Are you looking for extending the functionality of your existing applications into mobile?
  • Do you need an Enterprise Mobility Solution?
  • Are you looking for end-to-end mobility solutions and services to help your business grow?

If you are in search of a professional and bespoke mobile app development company for all leading platforms, you have come to the right place.

Silver Touch is one of the prominent Mobile Application Development Companies providing bespoke mobility solutions. With a knack for designing and developing mobile apps across all leading platforms like iOS, Windows, Android and BlackBerry, it also specialises in Bespoke Mobile Application Development, Game Development, Mobile App Porting, QA & Testing, Support & Maintenance, Upgrade & Migration, Integration, UI & UX Design, Native App Development and Enterprise mobility to list but a few.

Our talented team of mobile app developers will turn your ideas into feature-packed and tailored mobile apps helping you achieve your business goals and conveying your message directly to your customers. Our unique and innovative designs with an elegant UI will ensure that your customers get an optimised mobile experience. Our bespoke enterprise mobility solutions ensure data protection whilst helping corporate users to stay connected. You can also keep up with the latest technology and take advantage of newer OS through our migration and upgrading services. Our mobile app testing services ensure that your customers get the highest quality apps and our ongoing support helps you to resolve your issues at anytime.

  • iPhone


    With an experience in iPhone App development, Silver Touch designs bespoke iPhone apps to provide an exquisite user experience.

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  • iPad


    Our bespoke iPad apps fully utilise iPad’s exclusive features, helping businesses to grow and achieve higher revenues.

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  • Android


    Our bespoke Android apps, including the latest Android 5.0 apps, are developed with a client centric approach that will give your business a competitive edge.

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  • Windows Phone

    Windows Phone

    Our elegant Windows Phone 8 apps designed in Metro UI Design and sophisticated Windows 8.1 Universal Apps that work across the Windows platform will provide end users with a seamless experience.

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  • Windows Mobile

    Windows Mobile

    We have expertise in developing bespoke apps on Window Mobile, a platform based on Windows CE 6.0, providing scalability to your enterprises.

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Silver Touch’s Mobile Apps Capability

  • Location (GPS) based Applications
    Location (GPS) based Applications
  • Google, Bing, & BlackBerry Maps Integration
    Google, Bing, & BlackBerry Maps Integration
  • Social Integration
    Social Integration
  • Web services development (REST, JSON, XML and WSDL)
    Web services development (REST, JSON, XML and WSDL)
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
    Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Live Audio-Video Streaming
    Live Audio-Video Streaming
  • Native device program (Contacts, Calendar & more)
    Native device program (Contacts, Calendar & more)
  • PDF Reader with Annotations & Signatures
    PDF Reader with Annotations & Signatures
  • Barcode & QR Code Integrations
    Barcode & QR Code Integrations
  • 3rd Party Integration (Dropbox, Google Docs)
    3rd Party Integration (Dropbox, Google Docs)
  • RSS Feed integration
    RSS Feed integration
  • Device Features usage (MultiTouch, Accelerometer, Shake)
    Device Features usage (MultiTouch, Accelerometer, Shake)
  • 2D Game development
    2D Game development
  • Live Photos & Video Capturing
    Live Photos & Video Capturing
  • Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality
  • Live Data syncing with Server
    Live Data syncing with Server
  • Mobile Data Backup and Restore
    Mobile Data Backup and Restore
  • Offline Data Management
    Offline Data Management
  • Push Notifications (APNS, C2DM, PPG, MPNS)
    Push Notifications (APNS, C2DM, PPG, MPNS)
  • Cloud Integration (Auto Data Syncing)
    Cloud Integration (Auto Data Syncing)
  • Integration with Admob, iAds, Pubcenter
    Integration with Admob, iAds, Pubcenter
  • Cross-Platform development
    Cross-Platform development
  • Multi-lingual development
    Multi-lingual development
  • Mobile Communication Integration
    Mobile Communication Integration

Enterprise Mobility

Silver Touch provides bespoke Enterprise Mobility Solutions tailored to an enterprise’s exact needs, helping them maximise business efficiency and minimise costs. We develop robust and scalable Enterprise Mobile Apps on all leading platforms like Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. Our bespoke Enterprise Mobile Apps help various verticals like Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Supply Chain and Inventory Management to capture real-time business information, helping them achieve optimum productivity.

Our Enterprise Mobility Application can be used to bind your existing ERP, CRM, POS, HRMS, Marketing Collaterals, Document Management Systems, Asset Management, Education Management System, Retail Management System and more for managing Procurement, Inventory, Logistics, Sales & Invoicing, Accounting, Shipping, Tracking, Warehousing, Barcode Scanning, Capturing Leads & Opportunities, Employee & Students Management, MIS Reporting and many others. Our tailored Enterprise Mobile Apps will help you build better relationships with your stakeholders, keep track of stock across various stores, provide better customer service, avoid data redundancy, streamline reporting, increase transparency, speed up sales cycle and improve efficiency, thus enhancing the profitability of your enterprise.

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