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Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Excellence in Business Outsourcing at Reduced Costs

  • Are you looking for a system that helps you lower your operating expenses and raise productivity levels?
  • Do you want continuous improvement in the quality and productivity of your business?

If yes, go for the popular outsourcing business model Offshore Development Center, better known as ODC.

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a cost-efficient business model that can manage all activities from development to deployment of software and lets companies raise productivity levels and lower operating expenses. It is a remote counterpart of your in-house IT team that offers better predictability and visibility to all your business processes by leveraging talent offshore.

Why Silver Touch?

Silver Touch Technologies has vast experience and expertise in providing ODC services and helping businesses in meeting their needs of activities. We are a reputable offshore development company offering high-quality software solutions and services across different continents.

Our implementation processes and methodologies are chosen based on the goals and requirements of our clients. We take into consideration the essential demands of the client and provide agile software development services accordingly. All physical and software infrastructure have been deployed at our centers keeping in mind the security concerns.

We have an expert team of developers at all our offshore development centers who will ensure you increased efficiency and productivity within your organisation at low costs.

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