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Silver Touch’s team is made up of enthusiastic, multifaceted and dynamic professionals who have a broad range of expertise in a variety of fields. The team is recruited via a rigorous process to ensure that innovative developers with specific areas of expertise and experience are hired. The professionals are chosen not only for their technical skills, in-depth knowledge and problem-solving abilities, but also for their customer communications skills.

Our team is a perfect blend of talent and proficiency that is required for successful software development. We have extensive knowledge and experience of the development process. Our commitment is to continue providing high-quality services to our clients ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

We have a culture that promotes technical excellence, innovation, commitment, hard work and customer service. Our team spirit and company’s ethos are successfully combined with creativity, a dedication to work, and a development culture to produce excellent and robust software results.

Our team follows a transparent approach in delivering bespoke services to our clients, helping them solve their unique business challenges and meeting their precise requirements. Our dedicated, focused and diverse team has catered to various industrial verticals and is continuously working in the direction of fulfilling clients’ expectations with a high level of trust and promptness.

Our UK Team

Our UK operation was formed in November 2008 and our head office is Located in London. The UK team is headed up by Kunjan Jasani. Kunjan believes that our clients’ business outcome is the true measure of our success and pushes us to find creative solutions to the most difficult problems.

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