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Partner program overview

Join our expanding network of channel and strategic partners and deliver mutual success. Accelerate your margin, sales, and transformation by joining the best-in-class Silver Touch Technologies Partner Program - whether you're a solution provider, systems integrator, reseller, or service provider.

Becoming a Silver Touch partner will

  • Transform your business into a hybrid infrastructure
  • Expand your product offerings
  • Equip your business to cater to businesses of all types and sizes
  • Protect your digital enterprise

Advantage to your customers

  • In partnership with Silver Touch Technologies, you deliver highly competitive business solutions keeping your customer's costs low, enhancing human capital, and attracting new customers.
  • Instill confidence in your customers and enable them to deploy solutions that are fully tested across many industries and verticals.
  • The partner program enables your customers to choose certified solutions comprised of everything from tablets to sophisticated enterprise solutions.

Partner With Us

Silver Touch Partner programs

Referral: Under this program, you are obliged only to bring referrals to Silver Touch Technologies and you'll be rewarded upon every successful referral.

Joint Selling: Under this program, your company in collaboration with Silver Touch Technologies will jointly sell product offerings to achieve the call objective.

Joint Selling with Reseller: You stand a chance to be rewarded as much as 15% of the total quotation objective.

All the programs are designed to provide you with the ideal match for your capabilities and expertise. We will provide you with tools and benefits that fit your business - focus on enhanced profitability, increase customer demand, and comprehensive sales and technical enablement. The Silver Touch Partner identity, resources, and events will help you maximise visibility in the market place and enjoy recognition with your target prospects.

Join the Silver Touch partner program today and:

  • Grow your business with competitive revenue opportunities
  • Reassure your customers with Silver Touch Technologies as your partner

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