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Do you require continuous support for your existing application?

  • Do you want quick and optimised maintenance services for your application?
  • Are you unhappy with the turn-around time for you support request?
  • Do you require seamless and continuous support for your existing applications?
  • Is your existing vendor unfocused, expensive or insecure?

If you are looking for a company with rich experience in managing application support and maintenance projects, then you have come to the right place.

Silver Touch holds extensive experience and is well versed with the appropriate approach and methodology to provide support and maintenance services for third party software. We help our clients in resolving bugs/errors, train them, enhance their systems and manage high risk technical changes.

We offer Migration Services for applications that are no longer supported by your service provider and for migration of your existing applications to the cloud. While providing support and maintenance services, we take the trouble to understand the entire application, database structure, gleaning knowledge from existing vendors and create documentation to ensure you have a comprehensive technical insight to the application. By using Silver Touch’s competent migration service our customers have mitigated their risk and delivered the benefits of change with the smallest call on their own resources.

Our Different Maintenance Activities Include

  • Corrective Maintenance: Prioritising bugs and errors that can lead to application stoppages or process hindrances or any dysfunctional feature and intelligently fixing them.
  • Adaptive Maintenance: Implementing new technologies for application upgrades and migration including technical enhancements.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Identifying potential problem areas before any interruption of operations and offering scheduled maintenance to avoid application failure including backup & recovery.
  • Perfective Maintenance: Making modifications, enhancements or undertaking development of functionality and reports to improve system efficiency. Undertaking documentation to ensure system maintainability & transparency.
  • Legacy Migration Services: Providing migration services for your outdated or unsupported applications, platform, Operating Systems or Databases.

Our Support & Maintenance Services Include

  • Providing offsite/offshore services to help you reduce cost whilst improving service.
  • Providing on-site resources to cater to your maintenance needs.

Our Maintenance Process

  • Maintenance Requirement Analysis
  • Finding Appropriate Solutions Based on Analysis
  • Selecting Resources and Assigning Tasks
  • Preparing & Executing the Project Plan
  • Delivery to Client

We have an established a comprehensive Ticket Management System for monitoring the application issues. Clients can report their problems and ticket can be raised which will then be assigned to respective application support team member or technical expert. The issues are thoroughly reviewed and are categorised on the basis of priority. They are then resolved based on severity/priority level.

Priority Severity 1 (Critical) Within 2 hours
Severity 1 (Critical) Within 2 hours
Severity 2 (High) 4 hours
Severity 3 (Medium) 1 day
Severity 4 (Low) 2 days
  • A Critical Request would be resolved even if a High, Medium or Low Request is being worked on.
  • High Request would be attended first, then Medium and then Low.
Escalation Level Designation
1 Support Team (Single Point of Contact)
2 Project Leader
3 Project Manager

Why Choose Us?

  • Our support & maintenance services will resolve your application issues helping you improve operational efficiency and reduce cost by decreasing interruptions that occur during business operations.
  • We ensure that your application operates efficiently and delivers the best possible performance.
  • Our support and maintenance services will help you in improving system availability, making the system stable and enhancing productivity.
  • We will help you reduce your maintenance cost and also free up your resources to work on other important projects.
  • We will regularly give releases with updates installed and tested and ensure prompt response and timely fixes.
  • Our support and maintenance services will also help you to extend the life your system.
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