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Software Prototyping

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Are you looking to develop high-end software development services?

  • Are you seeking to convert your business ideas or extending your existing application to mobile devices?
  • Do you want your software ideas, features and functions to be visually presented before it is fully developed?
  • If you are looking for a time saving and cost effective way to present your ideas to your stakeholders before the software gets developed, your search ends here. Now get software visualization developed by Silver Touch through its software prototyping services.

At Silver Touch Prototyping is the foundation of the Development process. We develop functional and interactive software prototypes for you on the basis of your requirements and specifications, helping you check the features and functionality before actual development. Our proficient team of developers (after understanding your needs) will develop bespoke software prototypes tailored to fit your exact requirements. Our software prototyping phases include delivering specifications of your future software in a very detailed manner screen by screen and feature by feature.


We prepare a wide range of static mock-ups (interface sketches) for tasks and UI screens for outlining the major features of software. These wireframes not only outline major functionality features of the application but also focus on core interdependencies between various application modules, thus allowing you to relate with the actual software.

We also develop wireframes or prototypes of mobile apps showing the layout and functionality of the final app to help you in scrutinising the usability in detail. We produce all the key screens of the mobile app taking user flow into consideration. We add all the details into the design and define the visual representation of the app. The prototype will resemble the final product and will work like a real app in your mobile.

Prototyping helps you ensure that you deliver exactly what your customers want.

Our wireframe tools include Pencil, Balsamiq and Visio.

HTML Prototypes (Clickable Prototypes)

We also create clickable wireframes demonstrating the layout and functionality of the software including the placement of essential features in a user interface. Our realistic clickable prototypes will help you to visualise the application behaviour and execute various real case business scenarios. Our operational prototypes not only ensure that you are getting what you asked for, but usually trigger new ideas that make the application better, all before the final development starts.

The final stage involves designing graphical user interface, helping you get a look and feel of your software.

Our tailored Software Prototypes will enable you to identify and eliminate problems that might arise during the software development at a later stage. They will help you to prioritise your tasks and eliminate operational efficiencies, helping you save time as well as costs. Our software prototyping services will help you to reduce your effort in development and ensure you get the best design quality. Our bespoke software prototype will give a clear picture of the software’s look & feel, its usability and accessibility to your stakeholders. Our proficient team comprising of veteran developers, QA experts and creative UI Designers have successfully delivered bespoke software prototyping services across the globe.

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