iPhone – its Mesmerizing Mantra of applications

Apple’s iPhone has created a great stir in the technology. Let’s have a glance over the applications of iPhone   then we come to know the reason why is the world crazy about iPhone. Every one’s wish is to own an iPhone because of its handy technology. iPhone has been catering to the demands of its enthusiasts. Apple Technology is so much helpful to all people provided they know the applications to use! Many Web Development firms are into iPhone Application Development & iPad Application Development

Last year in the early 2009, 60,000 applications were released for iPhone and iPod Touch. But presently the world is happily accepting 300 new applications being released per day. Actually the people are longing to buy the ‘Apple Technology.’ In this write up, 15 applications of iPhone have been discussed.

  1. Slacker Radio: This feature offers a large catalogue offering Premium accounts. This has unlimited song skips. It is a feast for the song or music lovers. It resembles Pandora maximum.
  2. Hey where are you? : It takes advantage of Push Notification. Users will ask ‘Hey Where are you  ?’ It is similar to Loopt.
  3. Textfree Unlimited:  The feature offers free text messaging with the help of Push Notification. It acts as an alternative to high SMS plan costs.
  4. Bento: Creates simple and straight databases to store information related to your life. It acts as a trusted and time tested P.A.
  5. TweetDeck: It has multiple columns for separating user groups. It is similar to   Tweetie, Twimkle and TwitterFon.
  6. Print and Share: Print files, emails, web pages contacts, images snapshots direct from your camera, straight to your home printer. It is very simple set up working meticulously.
  7. Flight Tracker: It really helps you keeping you updated about the flights and their arrival and departure timing. This helps you in saving time.
  8. Read It Later: This feature is meant for off line reading or it reminds you to read after wards.  It sounds little tricky for setting up but later gives excellent results. It replaces booking for articles.
  9. iEmoji : If you include emoticons in your text your text becomes more meaningful. It activates emoticons in your key board. You can use them whenever necessary.
  10. Birthday Reminder: You know the importance of birthdays. This application downloads all the needy information so that you can access easily and see upcoming birthday’s offline
  11. Mover : Swap contacts and photos with other iPhones in an easy way. But it requires both users to have the application to use. But it is absolutely free and quick to down load.
  12. Simplify Music: This feature maintains continuity. You can have the access to listen to music from your home computer.
  13. Cell Minute Tracker: People prefer Cell Minute Tracker to AT& T s because it is simpler, easier to navigate in much speed.
  14. Quick Office: Edit Word and Excel documents on the go.
  15. Photogene: There are facilities to photo editing applications here. You can opt this feature for Crop, rotate, adjust colors, and add filters. It is similar to Camera Bag.

Now tell me, who will not fall in love with this small electronic gadget having such wonderful applications?


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